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Co-Chairman, Sony Pictures Entertainment

“My favorite phrase is ‘Stay inside your triple axel.’ It started when I was watching the Olympics ages ago. One of the top skaters totally flubbed it. When the reporter interviewed him, he asked, ‘Triple axels are your thing. Why didn’t you do it?’

‘Well, I was watching the guy from Russia and he was doing it great. And I saw the French guy do it in practice, too, and I just choked,’ the skater answered. ‘You have to stay inside your triple axel. You just have to or you’ll lose.’

“What that means to me is that you have to completely stay inside of what you’re doing, what you’re good at, and who you are if you are going to succeed. That is the only way that you will be any good at anything. You have to figure out that thing that you do that makes you different, the thing that you know, and the thing that you have that is your gift (and your curse, probably - it’s the same). But it is the thing that you can hold onto. It’s the only thing that’s true.”

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